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  1. The Truth About You And Your Studio

    Just surf the web and if your into recording music you will see ad after ad for everything that has to do with making music..EVERYTHING! There will be ads for effects in the Hardware/Software versions, Instruments in the Hardware/Software versions, DAW after DAW, Training on this and Training on that....I'll stop here because I could write down 1000's upon 1000's of things you could see day after day as you
  2. Is it as easy as people think to record?

    Take a minute and think about how many people have home studios, it has to be in the millions. Think about how many DAWs and all the Gear there is on the market, have you opened up a Sweetwater Catalog lately? What I am getting at here is it is so easy to get your hands on amazing gear and record and we get pretty good results right? Well not so fast! Lets look a little ...
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  3. Use the Comp Editor to record your Backup Vocals

    Propellerheads Reason makes it so easy to use the Comp Editor it can be used to make backup vocals rather easy. A lot people when tracking vocals will track 3 or more tracks to comp and then later go back and track backup vocals. Let me show you how I go about making my backup vocals.

  4. Sonic Outlook makes it easy!

    Did you know we have a great page here at Learn How To Reason, it's called the Sonic OutLook page and it's a cool place to stop by and checkout because with a quick view you can see whats going on in the Sonic world of the Home Studio Engineer, musician, producer and learn how to be better at what you do and learn new things.

    We are searching for great Blogs and Sites that we can host their RSS feed to help it make it easier for you to see a lot easily. Let us know if you have a Blog ...
  5. Retouch Control using Machine for REASON!

    MaschineR is a software solution which turns NI Maschine into an advanced MIDI controller for Propellerhead's Reason. It features:
    • full bi-directional communication with text and parameter feedback directly on the Maschine's LCD
    • customized control groups for Kong, Dr.OctoRex, ReDrum and the Reason's synths & samplers
    • full mixer and transport controls.

    If you have never used the Maschine software before, you are going to think that the hardware was made specifically for controlling ...
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