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Welcome to Learn How To Reason.com
From here you can access over 500 video tutorials made to help you learn
Propellerheads Reason Software.

We are updating our site to be better for you please hang in there it is coming!

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Welcome to Learn How To Reason.com this website is for people who want to learn how to use Propellerheads Reason Software. This website utilizes the HL I Interface which was developed by MediaSVI.com to help people find the information they would like to know about Propellerheads Reason software more efficiently. This is the homepage of Learn How To Reason you will see on the toolbar there are many links to the various areas of the website there is a link to the Forum, there is a link to the Refill Database, there is a link to Reason University, there is a link to Sonic Spotlight there is a link to the Forum Song Challenges, there is a link to the Links Page, there is also a link to KickinDrums refill  sight and the James Bernard Trust Fund. On the left of the site there is the rack, though wracked represents all the devices in reasons software. All you do is simply scroll the rack up or down and choose a device you would like to learn about and then a window will open up and a video will start playing with content relative to the device you selected in the rack. You will see below the videos a link, learn more, about a specific device. Just click on that link in a new page will open up that has many more videos that are relevant to the device you selected in the rack. This makes it very efficient to learn about all the different instruments, affects, and other devices in Propellerheads Reason Software. Learn How To Reason.com has hundreds of videos from YouTube and video that will teach people how to use Propellerhead Reason Software. If you make instructional videos for Reasons Software, please feel free to contact me in the forum I’m MediaSVI.

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